Friday, February 25, 2011

Yeah, Take THAT McDonalds, Signed, Mark F. Bittman IN THA HOUSE

Mark Bittman, the NYT's foodie blogger, wrote an attack piece on McDonald's oatmeal. The thesis: it's bad for you. This isn't shocking, given that everything McDonald's is more concerned with being a profitable business than the dietary health of its customers; it is also not shocking that the New York Times published this investigative journalism, given that rich white people hate McDonald's.

I still can't get over this headline from the New York Times "opinionator" blog:

"How to Make Oatmeal . . . Wrong"


I can totally imagine those jerk McDonald's execs reading this headline.

"Why, look here," they must have said upon seeing that an article had been written about their oatmeal. "It's a complimentary piece in the Times about our new hot cereal product, praising us for preparing the dish correc--WHAAAT???

Congratulations to Mark Bittman and the New York Times headline writers (who I can only imagine are some of the weirdest dudes and dudettes on the planet, given their past work - note to self--tumblr idea--"" - content: stupid NYTimes headlines, witty one-liners) for this Valley High insult of McDonald's.

Hey, Mark Bittman, I really liked your headline---NOT!

BOOM, roasted!

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