Friday, February 25, 2011

Old News

From the New York times: Older Audience Makes Its Presence Known at the Movies.

I don't know about you, but I find this headline threatening. Usually when I think of someone Making Their Presence Known, I think about:

  1. Mob bosses Making Their Presence Known by killing a low-level employee of a rival family.
  2. That thing where you're talking about someone behind their back, and suddenly the person you're talking to gets all wide eyed and sort of half-nods with his chin as if to say, "she's standing right behind you," and then the person behind you clears her throat (even though her throat was really fine to begin with) and Makes Her Presence Known.
  3. Ghosts, spirits, dwarves, and such who make crop circles, fairy rings, etc. in order to Make Their Presence Known to the living.

What I don't think of when I hear "making their presence known" is my grandmother going to a movie and then falling asleep after 13 minutes, which is what happens. If that's what "making your presence known" means, then I have made my presence known at ballets, operas, and dozens of Econ 101 lectures.

Here's the photo and accompanying caption:

Caryn Eschen, right, is part of the older moviegoing audience that has begun to assert itself.

Look at this old woman asserting herself by engaging in the standard commercial activities which we, unburdened by the shackles of disgusting old age, also regularly engage in! Great day for the elderly of this proud nation.

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