Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Other Parts of the Constitution That the New Healthcare Bill Violates

On Monday, Judge Henry Hudson of Federal District Court in Virginia ruled that President Obama and Congress's new healthcare bill's provision that Americans be insured "exceeded the regulatory authority granted to Congress under the Commerce Clause." Here's a look at other clauses and laws of the Constitution that, by greatly increasing the number of insured Americans, the new Health Care bill violates:
  • New initiative to fight the war against cancer violates Congress's exclusive power to declare war.
  • Federal money to be paid to doctors specializing in amputation of the limbs would violate Right to Bear Arms.
  • Funds set aside to lower American obesity is direct threat to the Elastic Clause.  
  • Naturalization Clause rendered practically obsolete by newly created access to plastic and reconstructive surgeons.
  • Tonsillectomies greatly abridge the freedom of speech, while treating frostbite of the digits greatly abridges freedom of the press.
  • Increased availability to subsidized liposuction endangers relevance of the Free Exercise Clause.
  • New Healthcare Bill would allow for patients to be treated for the same illness twice, e.g. a flu in back-to-back flu seasons; this defies restrictions against double jeopardy.
  • Food and Drug Administration's test period for new pharmaceuticals cannot be described, in even the loosest interpretation, as speedy trials.
  • Regular checkups that include the checking of Body Mass Index and the taking of blood pressure transgress Congress's exclusive power to fix the standard of weights and measures.
  • Certain experimental doctors have been known to induce epileptic convulsions in catatonic patients; this naturally flies straight gainst the right against unreasonable surgeon seizure. 

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