Monday, November 8, 2010

Today's Big Thing

One: It should be apparent to all of you by now that, like the best pornography, this blog will indeed have multiple contributors, contributing at random and without warning. The previous post was by Bearded Dan (or Dan with the Beard), image here:

Two: The reason(s) why this blog will have multiple contributors will become apparent, if all goes according to plan, within 12 hours.

Three: I am at my parent's home, in the retirement community, here for the free food. Last night my mother made a delicious chicken parm with soft shell noodles and the leftovers were plentiful.

Today I went to heat up a breast and some noodles for lunch when I remembered one of the great current downfalls of the home: all of our plates are lined with metal, so re-heating in a microwave is impossible. All we have are these little plastic cereal bowls, bought especially for reheating.

So I reheated the chicken parm, which was almost bigger than the bowl itself, and some of the noodles in the plastic cereal bowl, and when the dish was nice and hot I pulled it out and began to eat with knife and fork. Only, same as always, I was having an incredibly hard time cutting up the meat in such a tiny bowl and with no flat surface to create pressure to make the cuts. Another frustrating meal in which lots of spaghetti sauce gets on the placemats and table, right?

WRONG, because here's where ingenuity struck me:

What if, instead of eating the reheated chicken parm and noodles out of the cereal bowl, I transfered the contents of the bowl to another plate, one with enough surface area to accommodate my meal? And that's exactly, dear reader, what I did, carefully spooning out the pasta and chicken onto a much wider, dinner-sized plate, from the cereal bowl to the new, more suitable dining receptacle.

And THAT is today's big thing.

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