Thursday, August 19, 2010

Every Day Is A New Chance

-On Tuesday, I made myself a roast beef sandwich for lunch. I had made myself a roast beef sandwich for lunch on Monday, and had made myself a roast beef sandwich for dessert on Monday night, so I was pretty familiar with what I had to do.

I had bought a package of pre-sliced cheddar cheese--ten square yellow slices, each slice separated by a thin layer of wax paper. The past two sandwiches I had made, I had torn the cheese trying to pull it out whole, ending up with several smaller, broken-up pieces of cheddar cheese on my sandwich, when all I wanted was that one big square.

So on Tuesday, I really focused on pulling out an entire slice of cheese, without ripping it or tearing it, so that I could enjoy my sandwich unperturbed. I pulled off the sheet of wax paper on top of the topmost cheese slice and threw it into the trash bin so that I wouldn't forget to throw it away later. Then, carefully, making sure not to move too quickly (as I suspect I was doing before), I slowly peeled the square of cheese from out of the bag...success! The cheese slice came out perfectly square and I placed it on top of the roast beef, added some lettuce, spread the mayo, placed it on a salad plate, and sat down to eat it, reflecting on how well I had removed the cheddar cheese this time.

Reflecting, that is, until I took my first bite. "That's strange," I thought, tasting something crunchy. "Did I forget to refrigerate the cheese yesterday? Has it gone bad and hard already?" I took another bite--again, hard, unpleasant. What's going on here?

I lift the top of the sandwich bun, brush aside some lettuce, look at the cheese, feel the top of it with my finger--it feels soft and normal! Then I lift up the cheese from the roast beef and look at the other side of the cheese--and would you believe that the wax paper wrapper from the other side of the cheese had stuck on? I chuckled to myself, peeled off that wrapper, threw it into the trash bin, reassembled my sandwich, and finished my lunch, shaking my head at the humorous situation.

This was the most interesting thing that happened to me all week.