Sunday, February 21, 2010

Some Final Wisdom from My Students

Again I have not posted in a long while. The culprits: laziness, Jon Weed, erectile dysfunction (in that order). I have also been quite swamped grading final exams.

The other day, upon completion of my teaching, my mother asked me if I noticed improvement from the beginning of the semester to the end. I'm not sure if she meant in myself as a teacher (if anything I became lazier, more defeatist, and more complacent in my failures) or in the results I was seeing.

Well, let's check out some results shall we?

The final exam for my freshmen included a portion that required them to write a paragraph about the "benefits of regular exercise." Several benefits ("keeps you in good shape," "promotes mental health," etc.) were provided; the students really just had to put them in order with some subjects and linking verbs and they were golden.

They were required to write a topic sentence, stemming from the phrase "Benefits of regular exercise." A prototypical answer might have been "Regular exercise has many benefits" or "There are many benefits of regular exercise."

Yeah, we didn't quite learn that pattern, I guess.

So, here are some introduction sentences, some health tips, and some concluding thoughts from what are literally the very last things my freshmen wrote for me. Am I seeing improvement? I am seeing improvement in my happy, but not so much in my learn.

Now you might think it's cruel to post the shortcomings of my students on the Internet to see. Let me assure you, however, that the writers of these sentences all passed my class, and will head onto the ENG 200 level, where they will be writing academic research papers. Are they qualified to do this?

I will let you be the judge (I will not let you be the judge).

As always, enjoy:

Introduction Sentences

The good healthy is benefits of regular exercise.

How offened do you exercise? And you know benefits of regular exercise? In my opinion every body should have firm shape, strong, good health.

Benefits of regular exercise was helpping manage your weight. So you didn't lost your money.

Benefits of regular exercise can help strong body and having good healthy.

Benefits of regular exercise is way to care your heath.

Benefits of regular exercise for your good healthy and happy.

Benefits of regular exercise is good promotion.

Benefits of regular is good exercise.

Everyone know that exercise is good not only health but also your body shape too. I'll tell the reader all I know about the benefits of regular exercise. First, exercis can keep you in your shape...yes, all of you know that but how?

I think I like exercise. I like football. I feel happy.

Benefits of regular exercise. It is holping look like smat.

Exercise has good healty.

The benefits of regular exercise is the good attractions.

I enjoy going Benefits of regular exercise because something a good my healthy.

Nuggets of Inspiration

The moment you had exercise, it reduced stress too. It made sure when you had exercise you will happy.

Exercise is activity to relax when you aungry. After finishing to exerise, you will felt fun.

When you want strong health and happy, you should keep you in shape.

So that, you should have time to exercise, eat good food, no drink Alchol, no eat jung food and don't sleep over which you will your good healthty.

You should salfing the body and After drinking water 8 glass/day and eating health food. you shouldn't drinking lacalhor and eatting fung food more. After benefits of regular exercise you shoud clending body and sleeping 8 H/day.

In Conclusion...

If you eat food health, exercise and enough sleep is good health and live very happy.

Many people like going to where, because calm down and cool, who happy to go Benefits of regular exercise. Ater, many people, Who have been going very day.

After along working day, you burned out the exercise can make your stress, improve your mood and boost self-confidence. Many benefits let's exercise!

When you have exercised you will good shape and build up muscles and slow down ageing process you will good looking.

Finally if people exercis everyday and eat a food for healthty, you must have a good healthty.

The last I hope to should exercise for health your.

If you follow these, you are heving strong body good health and you is a good-looking in the eye's other people.

The promote mental health is reduce stress, which is boost self-confidence. This is a benefit we always enjoy because it is body health.

If you exercise every week week is 30 minute, you very strange.

This everything can helping you happy and strong health. If you love your lift, who you should exercise 3 day/week for your lift a good.

We can boost self-confidence when go to exercise you are health good and happiness.

Everything above can hely you to enjoy and happy.

I hope you come back to service mental health.


Thank you, New. I hope I come back to service mental health. Wait, what?

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  1. Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable, not drinking too much, regular exercise at the gym 3 days a week...