Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blood Number of Death

My freshmen just finished learning the different uses of the simple past, the present perfect, the present perfect continuous, and other verb tenses commonly used in news stories, and so naturally their homework assignment was to go online, find a news story, and then submit it as their own as though they had written it.

No, actually, they were supposed to write their own news story. You can guess what the majority of the submissions were.

However, I am so proud of the brave few who actually followed instructions and wrote their own news story, and they receive the benefit of both a higher grade on the assignment and being mercilessly mocked on my blog.

So, unbeknownst to me, there was a big news story about a "blood telephone number." Apparently this was a big story the night before the assignment was due, because I got many, many news stories about it--all of them, of course, in massacred English, as this is happening in Thailand so all news sources would be in Thai.

I won't ruin the surprise of what this breaking news is about--though if you have seen the movie "One Missed Call" you will have an idea--but will instead let my student reporters fill you in. Enjoy, and don't get murdered after picking up your cell phone:


Yesterday I saw a television. The reporter said the news about telephone. It had something wrong. The reporter said the person who receive telephone that had number 083-333XXXX or had red colour had to be ill and later the person were died.

Next day My father call to me. He has anxioused about the news. Now I have been worrying about my telephone when it have the call and I don't know who are call I don't receive it because I'm scary.



"Puzzle of Telephone"

I have heard the new from my friend about have 2 people dead from puzzle of telephone number. And my friend told me if your phone has had 083-333-3XXX called you don't receive and this number is red number. It's different for another number. Everyone has known about this new but someone think accultism or virus. Nowaday people have been dreading for this new. Sometime this new has been faking or ture.



"Death Called" (Ed. Note - Best Title)

The last 2-3 days have had death call. My friend told me her friend received the phone then next day she died. I have been hearding a new victim, he answered calling then the nose has been breeding. When the phone has called, display phone shown red. Researcher has tried to the reason about that why did they die. They have not believed, maybe they were die by another cause. This news have not prove.



Blood telephone number. This is number of death. It was popgular in the people because someone who will be died. In the north of Thailand. people Fear the blood telephone number. you should save yourself.

-San A.K.A. the murderer


"Call of Death"

Last week I heard a scary news about telephone. People have been talking about scary news that a exocist phone number has shown up and someone who accept will be die. In first time I have heard, I didn't belived it and think it's joke. But after I heard that have people dead by accept phone, I started to fear and belive it. Yesterday, my friend want to tested about that because he want to know how truth is it, by calling the exocist number but no one accept phone. Last night I got some email that telling me something. It has been telling me that the old woman receive the exocist phone number tell her that her son who was a soldier has die. Immediately she dead by her heart attack. Then when I heard that my scary about call of death has gone away.



This new story is about "Death Number." I've heard about the news since last week. The news were on-air in many channel of TV, newspaper, and on the Internet. The news said that if you have some strange number call you, please don't answer, don't reject, don't call back and don't save it on your mobile phone. The people should observe that the screen of your mobile phone will show the red number. Some people who don't about the death number answered the phone and then they heard the monk pray in the Cambodian language. As they were hear that voice, they began to sick and died by heart attack. Some people said that they have had bad shocked after they've known the news because it seems to be impossible.



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