Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thailand Family Visit Memory Transcription: Whatever Will Be, Was

Monday, December 30

Airport Day. I sat in the airport and read "The Bonfire of the Vanities" for a long time. The flight from Phuket to Bangkok was fine--I was sitting next to what must have been a German man who listened to "Take on Me" at least four times in a thirty minute interval. That song is now officially taken on, methinks--maybe try a different song? I have some suggestions. All of them involve bands that aren't called A-Ha, though.

Three hour lay-over in Bangkok Airport--and not the good Bangkok Airport, either, but Don Muang Airport, which is sort of like getting to go to a baseball game in New York and going to Shea Stadium (sorry, Dad. Also I don't even know if this metaphor is still valid as they both have new parks, both of which suck. But let's just pretend that Shea is still standing and that it still a hefty bag full of garbage compared to Old Yankee Stadium)

So I wandered around there for a while. Pooped a WHOLE bunch. Had my first Burger King since coming to Thailand. It tasted like Burger King, which is to say, I ate a double cheeseburger in fifteen seconds, licked the bottom of the bag for fries, and then passed it by the end of the hour. 

I was so disgusted with the Tom Wolfe book and how unbelievable it was that I shut it in furor around 6:50. Problem, because I still had 80 minutes until boarding. There were about 400 more pages to read in Bonfire of the Vanities, but I wasn't going to read them, on principle, Skinner. Bull-S.

I called some people to pass the time. I called Cartoon. The conversation--

Her: Hello!
Me: Hey, how are you?
Her: I'm good, and you?
Me: I'm good. What are you doing?
Her: Oh, my grandfather, he died today, so I'm at his ceremony.
Me: ::stunned, stunned silence::

See, here's the thing about the question "How are you?" that I think some Thai people might not understand: you don't have to answer "I'm good, and you," if you aren't "good," per se. Like, say, if your grandfather died THAT DAY and you are currently at the funeral ceremony.

So I didn't talk to Cartoon for that long. I planned my entry into the sketch comedy field, and laughed about how rich I was going to be. And laughed and laughed and laughed...

Nothing else important happened that night. I got home without incident. I heard Que Sera Sera and Raindrops Keep Falling on Head for the last time, forever. If you don't know, these are the two songs that Nok Air plays on a loop at the end of every flight, for the last twenty to thirty minutes of every flight. This is unbearable enough one time--now imagine taking six Nok Air flights in ten days. Whatever will be, was. Raindrops kept falling on my face. I asked my mother, but that doesn't mean would I be pretty, would I be crying, because that's not for me. Raindrops keep falling on Sarah Willby, Sarah Willby.

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