Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Thing I'll Say About Thai People

Here's one thing I'll say about Thai people: everything they do is a Goddamn riot.

Not that watching them is funny (though it is); but that whenever they do anything, they seem to be tearing apart with laughter, or at least a smile. I just passed the gardener downstairs. He was crouched over some flowers, laughing to himself. What's so damn funny? He's a sixty year old man, I'd guess, a gardener, that tends to these flowers everyday...and here he is, fingering the petals of some flowers, laughing to himself.

And the other day, I saw an old couple, a husband and a wife, noodle stand owners. They were carrying out a table of ingredients together, to the same spot they always carry the same table of the same ingredients. And they were almost doubled over they were laughing so hard. Then they put the table down, and the man gestured toward the table, and everyone started laughing again--the man, the woman, the noodle stand workers next to them, a passerby. Everyone was laughing. At what? Why can't I get such joy out of something so mundane--out of teaching, even? These people were giggling like a couple of teenagers on pot brownies at a taping of The Muppet Show; and it was something they do every damn day, and I guarantee you they aren't on drugs that make you laugh, or even smile.

If you walk around most cities in Thailand, though (except Bangkok, and I would guess Pattaya and Phuket are excluded, too), you just constantly see people laughing. Is there an invisible TV screen in the sky showing How I Met Your Mother or something? What water are they drinking that I am not? What is so damn funny about your spoon and fork? Why doesn't riding a bicycle bring me that much joy?

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