Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like Pinball

There is a very specific feeling that I associate with a very specific situation in pinball. 

In newer pinball machines, there are certain holes that you can shoot at where, if you hit that hole, the ball will not immediately pop out and roll back to the flippers, but will be held in that hole for a long time racking up points for you. The ball stays there, and you just sort of wait at the flippers while you get lots and lots of points. And though it seems like a good thing at the time--you just standing there, content, while your points multiply--you know that, as soon as you've gotten all the points, the ball is going to come flying back toward the flippers, as fast as a pinball can go, and you know that you have a very low chance of surviving the ball coming back so fast. 

So try to think of this feeling, if you can: standing at a pinball machine, content that you are scoring lots of points, but also expecting, with dread and some fear, that all of these free points are going to cost you, as the ball will soon be cannon-shot toward your flippers, and that you will most likely lose because of this.

I just ate a plate of really, really spicy Mama Pad noodles. They were delicious. They still taste delicious. And yet in the back of my mind...though now I can see the points on the board multiplying...in the back of my mind I know what is coming next...

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