Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chiang Rai, One Paragraph At A Time

In an effort to clog your Google Reader and pad my post count, I'm gonna offer a look-back on my two-day Chiang Rai trip in a rapid-fire (rapidshare/mediafire merger) series of posts. Start:

Cartoon picked me up on her motorbike at around 6.  She looked at my bag, a hiking pack that was almost full. I looked at her bag, a tote that appeared mostly empty. I had thought this was going to be a 4-5 day trip. "Your bag is very big," Cartoon said. "Yeah, I got it in Bangkok," I said, not understanding that I had packed an absurd amount of clothes for an overnighter. It was okay, though, because sometimes I like to change clothes four times a day. Also, I can't go more than fifteen minutes without my iPod, laptop, laptop charger, phone charger, iPod charger, or two sticks of deodorant. Spoiler alert for anyone who has not smelled my armpits after I do even three seconds of strenuous activity: that last one is true. Spoiler alert for anyone who thinks that I don't count getting into a car as strenuous activity: I do.

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