Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Call Your Friends

You know what cliche I am suddenly incredibly tired of? "It's no secret that.."

As in, "It's no secret that President Obama wanted to be a bipartisan president," or "It's no secret that the Yankees would like to win the World Series next year."

Really? That's not a secret? So I can tell people? Are you sure it's not a secret?

Ego trippin

Today at dinner, at my new favorite restaurant The House of Roast Chicken (name made up by me), the owner asked me how long I had lived in Thailand. I told her six months. She said she thought I had lived here two years. Because my Thai is so good. Also, because I have a two-year old Thai child. That's a common mistake, though; little Boonmee's age is unrelated to how long that I have actually lived here.

Gangsta Tippin

Indiewire, which is a website on the Internet, surveyed approximately 8000 critics for their best movies of the decade. I'm passing along this link because my favorite movie of the decade came in first place, which is a little like watching your two-year-old son beat up his first nerd.

I should note, though, that I recently re-watched Syndromes and a Century, and, to paraphrase a James Lipton sketch from Saturday Night Live, it was so scrumtrilescent I could barely move. Really, for anyone who hasn't seen it, and won't think less of me for being a total snob if you hate it, find it boring, plotless, plodding, confusing, slow, and totally incoherent, I highly recommend Sang Sattawat. Though, honestly, I don't care what you think of me, either.

Blee Blop Blippin

Last night Chip, a PiAer in Japan, came through Chiang Mai with a friend of his, a high buddy who was on vacation from a job as a banker at Deutsche Bank (sp.) in New York City. German Bank. Whatever.

I asked him (banker) if he had to work a lot. He said No, not really. No weekends, and only thirteen hours a day. In my head I noted that he had worked for more hours by 9 A.M. on Tuesday morning then I would work in an entire week here.

Why am I moving back again? I've got the life here: hardly any work; a well-paying job; a child; an enthusiastic soapy masseuse at a reasonable rate.

But then I realized: there are no Wendy's in Thailand.

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  1. I refuse to take that sham of a best of decade list seriously because Never Die Alone isnt on it. sham. shame. sham-wow