Sunday, December 27, 2009

All the New Year's Resolutions You Can Handle

In Friday's class, I asked all of my freshmen to write 3 New Year's Resolutions. Also, I explained (perhaps ineffectively) what a New Year's Resolution was--something that you did not do this year that you promise to do next year. I gave a few examples--I will lose 20 Kilos, I will learn how to swim, etc.--and set them off.

I decided to write them all down here. They are quite touching. First I will do my afternoon section, which has stronger English speakers. Next post I will do my morning session, where the English is not as strong, but the sentiment is just as nice.

Enjoy. Here's the Afternoon session, with stronger English:


1) I will entrance Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine that make my parent to feel proud.
2) I will be a good person.
3) I will buy something which I want.



Next year...
1)I will sleep early mid-night
2) I will save my money.
3) I will do all household for my parent.



1) I will lose 5 kilos
2) I will read a lot of book
3) I will sleep early

[Ed. note--"Read a book" is Thai-English for "study"]



1) I will lose my weight 2 kilograms.
2) I will be more industrious
3) I will sleep earlier



-I will intend to study for best grade.
-I will lose my leg
-I will buy everything for me.

[Ed. Note: Number 2 was so strange that I had to ask Bua what she meant. She wants to lose weight in her thighs. She does not have a prosthetic leg that she is actively trying to lose.]



-I will study hard more than present
-I will complete Academy Fantasia
-I will study about cooking from mother

[Ed. Note: I need to ask her about Academy Fantasia. I'm not sure what it is--this is what a Google Search turned up.



1. I will read books and do homework.
2. I will save money.
3. I will be the good person.



-I will be in English class on time
-I will wake up early to look over the textbook
-I will lose my weight



- I will improve my english skill
-I will be calm and cool
-I will study hard



Next year, I hope I'll prepare for study in every subject because in this year I didn't do it, it make me can't do the exam as well. I'll earn money and I'll lose 10 kilos!! I think about lose my weight for a long time and now I will do it certainly.



1. I will has a new boyfriend
2. I will save my money.
3. I will control my weight.



This year I did not prepare well for the mid-term exams, so I think next year I will concentrate in class and do all homeworks in every subjects. Moreover, this year I rarely do exercises. Next year I will try to do more exercises. Next year I will do everything fun and also doe verything my best (especially in study).



1. I will pay attention in class.
2. I will not miss the class.
3. I will prepare for every exams.



-I will study hard for best grade.
-I will groom myself more good looking.
-I will be nice girl for my parent and my friend.



I will work a lot more harder
I will try to attend all classes, and be punctual
I will try to sleep before midnight!!!



Next year...... I will go to Pai
I will find a new dorm
I will buy a new car



I will try to achieve a higher GPA up to 3.50
I will travel to Pai with my friends. [Ed. Note: I know someone you can go with!]
I will go to class on time.


Wang (Chinese exchange student)

1. It is very important for me!!! I will lose 25 kg!!!
2. I holp I can pay attention in every class and don't miss anyone (I holp)
3. Go go Japan.



-I will join the jazz club and learn sax
-I will be a good second year student
-I will eat just a little bit chocolate.



-I will be better student for my teacher.
-I will be better son for my mom and dad
-I will get my new car from my kind parents.



Next year I will lose 5 kilos, I will more industrious, I will more happy and I will no more regret for something in the past.

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