Monday, November 9, 2009

What the Berlin Wall Means to Me, Jason Gilbert

"What the Berlin Wall Means to Me, Jason Gilbert"

I know there was a wall, and a fall,
And an East and a West,
And good guys and bad guys.

I know one of the sides wore hats,
Or combed their mustaches a certain way,
Or had stars on their bellies.
That's why they needed a wall.

There was a question about it on a history test
I took when I was in high school
When we had to know about these things.
I can't remember the question, exactly:
Something about a metaphor.

Oh, one time I watched part of a documentary about the Berlin Wall.
Geraldo Rivera stood next to it for a few hours,
Reporting live from East Berlin, or West Berlin.
Apparently he thought that when the wall finally fell
There was going to be treasure on the other side.

There wasn't any treasure, but you couldn't tell by
The way people were celebrating.

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