Sunday, November 8, 2009

Warped Perspective

This is what Thailand has done to me:

Today I was at the Sunday Walking Street, a large market with many foreigners, and--where there's smoke--foreigners with young Thai wives.

I was sitting down getting a foot massage, facing out toward the street and people-watching, when I saw an older white man, balding, gray hair shaved around his baldness, looking at some stalls with his young Thai wife. But this girl was so young that I was particularly disgusted. From the side, she had the not-yet-formed breasts and scrawny legs and arms of a ten-year-old--I suddenly feared that she was a bought child bride.

And then they looked toward me. The girl was white, too. Her mother was standing right behind her. She was the daughter of the white man. They were just a family of three, tourists on vacation in Chiang Mai.

I shook my head and leaned back in my chair and sank into self-pity: who is more to blame, me or the city?

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