Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now That the Venom is Gone...

Now that the venom is gone, let's get lighthearted.

Ther other day I saw one of my students who is also my friend on Facebook. Apropos of nothing, she asked me:

"Mr. Jason! I saw on your Facebook that you give the speak at Class Day. But why was everyone laughing?"
"Why was everyone laughing? I think it was supposed to be a funny speech. Did you understand?"
"I understood...some words. Like, you say something about eating something three times a day?"
"...Yes, at Princeton, we have a beer called Beast..."
"Yes, Beast."
"Good. So we have a beer called Beast, and it is free, and everyone drinks it all the time. So I made a joke about that."
"What is Beets like?"
"It's like Chang, except it does not taste as good. Very cheap."
"Why do people drink Beets?"
"I don't know. Because it's free."


"Why did you give a speech? Are you an important man?"


"What do you want to be when you leave Chiang Mai?"
"I think I want to be a writer."
"I think you should be a newsanchor."
"No, I am not beautiful enough to be a newsanchor."
"I know, but you have a good voice."


Anyway, here is once again my greatest only accomplishment, which I will never pass on an opportunity to share.

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