Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Morning PiA

I want to start off by saying Good Morning! to PiA staff, who have known about this blog all the time! I am Keyser Soze! Spoiler alert!

Now, they had been silently following this blog for several months, but PiA employee/musical theater triple-threat Megan McGowan revealed to me that she was an Internet wizard and had been reading this not-necessarily-complimentary blog for some time. Luckily, they are not my actual employers, so they can't terminate my contract for the many moral and ethical lapses I've shown on this site.

Or maybe they can? I don't know.

Well, Megan, continuing the theme of surprising emails, I wanted to find an email from you from awhile back, and, well, I had frankly forgotten that our years in Triangle overlapped for about four months. And because our years in Triangle overlapped for about four months, I also have about four months of Triangle Spam from you.

This is favorite:

Hey Party People - Big ups to the cast, crew, writers, and Louis of the spring show [Rude Olympics 8] - it was awesome!!  Bring your friends/roommates/potential hookups - it's the most sexual thing Triangle has produced in a while.  And hysterical!

Mmm...all this fantastic musical theater makes me thirsty.  Somebody tell me where/when I can get shittarded in your honor this weekend :)

Congrats!  You should all be really proud!
Love, Meegs
I post this not to embarrass Megan, because she seems fairly unembarrassable, but because I want to ask other PiAers reading this blog: can't you see, in this email, the seeds of how Megan would fit in EXACTLY with Anastasia and Leslie? How often did we hear about "potential hookups" at orientation? Or about drinking a lot?

Also, I wrote for Rude Olympics 8, and I can say with some certainty that I had nothing to be proud about, and that it was most certainly not hysterical.

It was super sexual though. Remember when Rory as Freshman girl got humped from behind by Laundry Room Rapist James Park? That was me! Meeeeeeee!!

What will be, will be. Or, uh, what was, is.

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