Friday, November 6, 2009

Check out my package(s)

Guess what arrived in the mail, not a fortnight late?

A translation, for those of you who don't speak French like I do (from left):

Lady 1: Garsh! Quit the quacking, Dork.
Lady 2: Illness is a trope, but my foot is a banana.
Old Man: He's toying. The point of this lane is to nest my ham Air Conditioner.
Big Caption: Bone Annie!! (too soon, Callie?)

Not pictured: the 7 Baht delivery charge I had to pay. I will assume that 21 cents is C.O.D., Fannie and Andrew?

You may be laughing, but that is actually 15% of my monthly salary.

So, now, before I do it in private, I want to publically thank Janet P. Dobkin, Calliope the Fervorous, and Fannie and Andrew, for their kind, excellent, and in some cases (okay, one case) delicious. When I received these packages, they seriously made my day--oh, there must be a better descriptor for it--when I received your packages, I smiled, and I felt light, and I continued to smile and feel light for many many hours afterwards. Thank you.

As for the rest of you: I will still accept the embarrassingly slow Thai postal system as an excuse for why your presents have not arrived yet. But only for about three more weeks, at which point you can start feeling guilty.

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