Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap It Up, Let's Wrap It On Up

Lazy weekend, except when it wasn't.

Friday was indeed lazy, as I slept for many, many hours, went skateboard-exploring in the afternoon, finding a chicken farm among other things. Amused the locals by being on a skateboard/being white, not necessarily in that order. I ate at a restaurant, apparently a chain, called "Mr. Chicken Fried," and it cost a good deal of payola (sorry). I had the fried chicken, French fries, and salad combination, for a sweet 45 Baht. What am I, a brain surgeon? No, I'm not, because brain surgery doesn't exist in Thailand.

I spent most of Friday night searching for a good website to stream American TV shows and movies (mostly movies) on my laptop, finding none. I refuse to do that whole Torrent thing, so my options are limited. Suggestions?

Saturday was similarly lazy, waking up early, eating, falling asleep again, going out for a birthday celebration. I ate at the Warmup Palace for the first time, and the food was really, really good--had some honey fried chicken on the skillet, an incredible Spicy Bacon Salad, and a lot of rice. My waiter told me that he liked Jack Daniels, and I tried to get him to have some; but he said that he couldn't or else he would fall over trying to serve. Whatever man, I'm drunk when I teach all the time, and none of my kids mind it when I pass out naked across a row of desks. I think they like those days, in fact.

So today was mostly a recovery day. I've been reading Lolita again, which is a good antidote to ever wanting to be attracted to anyone. I catnapped for a while, and after I sold those stolen kittens, I fell asleep (see what I did there)?

Now I'm here, obsessively checking Facebook to see how high my price in "Friends for Sale" will go. I've changed hands about a dozen times so far, and my price is approaching one million dollars. And yes, you guys, I could use this time to be writing, reading, or otherwise improving myself, but really, when you think about it, it's easier to just muddy up the waters with this cliches than to get back on the horse again, you know?

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