Sunday, October 18, 2009

Songs Thai People Like: "Oht Oht" by The Richman Toy and "Lesson 1" by Jui Juis

I just recently discovered the names of these two gems of songs that Thai people really love, and that you might love, too. I know I do.

Why might you like these songs? Well, how about the fact that they have ENGLISH IN THEM?!?! Adventures in Thai people speaking English, anyone? Yeah, there's Anglo-Saxon abuse in these puppies. In the best possible way.

The firsts ong is "Oht Oht" by The Richman Toy (which is apparently not a tribute to Jonathan Richman), with a chorus that is almost completely in English and almost completely coherent:

I couldn't find English lyrics, but basically the chorus goes:

You love me and I love you
I want to say that, Won't you please listen to me?
Can you?
"No but you,"
I want
"No but you"
Will you marry me?

This is, of course, a loose quote of a previous song that Thai people like, "Nobody" by Wonder Girls.

Pretty catchy, isn't it?

But hey, maybe you're thinking, "You know, this is good...but I wish there were more incomprehensible Thai cartoon voices and ripping off of guitar lines from Counting Crows songs.

I present to you Accidentally in Love Lesson 1 [Boht tee Neung] by Jui Juis (which I can only assume is Thai for "Jewey Jew"):

And hey, I have English lyrics, too, for this song that is apparently about among other things, learning English in Kindergarten, not getting too drunk when you drink, and making funny noises with your mouth. Among my favorite lines in the English translation:

An explaination not to the extend of a debate.
I've been there my friend, the song's not that good I guess?
A half Italian will relate for you to listen

What language is this textbook in? Not even a single Thai language.

Ezra Pound, ladies and gentlemen.

Okay, I have to go listen to these songs over and over again because I love them. Lesson 1! Boht tee neuuuung!

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  1. "Noboby" by wonder girls is a Korean band.... Even though it is sang and well known all over thailand..... And all the singers korean.. so it does not have any meaning in thai.... it may sound some of thai words... though...