Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Slight Return

Been very tired lately--perhaps I've got that fatigue virus everyone's been talking about lately.

Two days ago I went with a friend to Doi Inthanon, a wonderful national park with several big, swimmable waterfalls. (And when I say "swimmable," I mean no one will tell you to get out when you get in and swim). Anyway, I was trying to do some amateur rock climbing, caught a bad foothold, and fell face first about two feet onto solid rock, bruising my rib and knocking my jaw around pretty good. Plus, I've got a terrific sunburn.

Other than that, I got my haircut today, my first non-skinhead haircut since coming to Thailand. Since I can't speak Thai, my barber gave me a page of Farang hairstyles, and I was told to choose between six styles, which included The Elijah Wood, the Eric Bana, and the George Clooney. I settled on The Hugh Jackman, and my hair looks okay, if not a bit Eraserhead. It's okay though, I'm not going outside for the next few days.

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