Friday, October 30, 2009

Sentimental Journey, Part 2

Here continues the weepy, Hallmark post from yesterday, where the kids had to write about what they thought my family was like based on a picture and then write about their own family. Get out the toilet paper, you're about to shit tears. Or cry poop. There's a workable metaphor somewhere in me, I'm a writer.

Is there though?

I am only going to do a few of my favorites here, because many of them are quite typical (P.S. could you tell that one of the examples in the book was "We are just a typical nuclear family"?). So, here is the cream of the crop, the creative bunches, the flatterers and the doomsayers:

10) Aom

My teacher family is a typical nuclear family. I think, his father was 50 years old and his mother 48 years old. His sister, I think she was 25 years old. My teacher was about 18 years old. His family look happy and cheerful. I think, His family was friendly and kind. I think that they enjoy going to travel and love doing activity together. They enjoy eatting meals together. My teacher used to be small, he has become big and stronger. And his sister, she used to be skinny, she has become fat. Jason's parent used to be younger, they have become older.

In my family has 4 members. We're a typical nuclear family. My parent are 43 years old, my sister is 15 years old. I am 18 years old. My family is friendly and cheerful. My parent are very kind and generous. And my sister, she is very wild. All the same trait as my family. My mother love cooking so members family love eating too. We enjoy watching movie together. My parent used to skinny they have become fat. I and my sister used to shy. We have become friendly.

11) Sara

Jason's family is not big family. There are only four people; Jason's father who is 62 years old, Jason's mother who is 54 years old, Jason's sister who is 29 years old and Jason who is 26 years old. They have similar trait. They are outgoing and friendly. They enjoy travelling around the world and feel like meeting many new people and They don't mind expressing feeling and ideas in public. Jason's sister used to be shy when she was young but now she has become confident. Jason's parents used to be skinny. Now I think they have become chubby.

My family is nuclear family, there are four people in my family like Jason's family. There are my father my mother, my younger brother and me. My parents who is 42 years old are kind, my brother is 16 years old. We're tidy and sincere.
We can't stand being in a messy house
so we always clean our house together.
We enjoy cleaning and washing
We avoid lying. Everyone in my family don't like lying people.
My brother used to be a lazy boy but now he has become study hard.

12) Gam

My English teacher, Jason, has a nuclear family. From the picture I think that he was bout 20 years old. The age of his parents was probably about 40 years old, and his sister was about 25 years old. I think that they enjoy going out and spending their time together. They seem to be friendly outgoing and also relaxed. Jason used to be skinnier but now he has become well-builing. His sster used to be pretty, and his parents too, they looked very kind. But now they must have become older.

I have an extended family where my parents, me and and relatives are all live together. A good thing is that we all enjoy living together. We don't mind helping with chores around the house. We love going out on holiday, cooking and having meals together. We are all sincere and tidy. We're also into planting too!

::pictures of trees::

Trees! Everywhere!

13) Wang (Chinese exchange student)

Today our class saw the Jason's family picture. In the picture there are Jason's parents, sisther, and Jason. His family likes so young. I guess farther 50 years old, mother 48 years old, Jason's sisther 27, Jason 25. They were all looks friendly, outgoing, honest and sincere. I guess they are teacher and Jason's mother is husewife. But when Jason asked me did they changed? I don't know because I don't remember them befor. How can I know that?

My family have 3 people, my mom, my grandmother and me. My mother is 48 years old, my grandmother is 78 years old. and me? I'm 20. My mother and grandmother work in on company, and me I study in CMU. I forget tell you they are all in China. My family just like sun they give light. They are so friendly and honest. I think my family always likes. I holp it doesn't change.

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