Friday, October 30, 2009

Jason's Nuclear Family

My classes of freshmen are currently learning about families (nuclear, extended, and two-income), and so I thought it would be fun to learn about their families and for them to project a personality onto my own family. 

So I showed them this picture of my lovely nuclear family

and told them to answer 4 questions:
1) How old is everyone?
2) What personality traits do we have?
3) What do we like to do? Use 3 gerunds (we are also learning about gerunds)
4) How have I changed? My sister? My parents? (We also learned how to form a sentence using "Used to be" and "has become")

I want to get down all of their responses because they are universally precious/hilarious. Mostly precious, though: in class today I was getting emotional reading their responses. 

Misspellings and grammar errors will not be fixed. 

Apologies to my parents who will alternately have their feelings hurt/egos stroked:

1) Boom (Male)

In Jackson's family, there are 4 members. Jackson is around 33 years old. His father and mother is around 52 years old his sister is about 36 years old. Jackson's family looks friedly and outgoing. They enjoy traveling to places. They feel like staying together. The don't mind spending time together as a family. Jason and his sister used to be teenager, now they have become adult.

In my nuclear family, there are 4 members. It's my parents, my brother and me. We always keep our house tidy and clean so I think we are neat and tidy as our triat [sic - trait]. We enjoy having delicious dinner together. My dad love taking us aboard for vacation and we don't mind traveling for long distance. I used to be a school student now I have become a university student. My parents used to eat a lot now they have become healthy.

2) Bua (Female)

Jason's father is 55 years old. Jason's mother is 56 years old. Jason's sister is 30 years old. Jason is 28 years old. his parents enjoy cooking and ejoy listening to radio. enjoy watching TV. his sister enjoy sulfing Internet. his parents is friendly and generous. his sister is shy Jason's change to tall and handsome, his father's change to thin, his mother is change to fat, his sister's change to beautiful, lovely.

My family is 4 people. it's just my younger sister, my parents and me. My parents 're fifty-two ears old. my sister is 16 years old. My family is friendly and kind, relaxed. We enjoy growing some tree and listening to music, enjoy cooking. I'm change to tall and thin. My sister's change to thin and tall. My parents 're change to fat.

3) Boom 2 (F)

There are four members in Jason's family. There are his parents, his sister, and Jason. His dad is 55 years old. His mom 's also 55 years old, too. His sister is 28 years old. And Jason is 26 years old. All of members in this family are kind and generous. They enjoy helping other people. They are also friendly and outgoing. Jason enjoy going to party. And he love dancing with his sister. He used to be a fat man. Now, he enjoy exercising and eating fruits. His parents and sister used to hate doing exercise. Now, they enjoy jogging every morning

I'm Boom. I'm 18 years old. There are 3 members in my warm and lovely family. There are my dad, my mom, and me. My dad who is 45 years old. He used to smoke a lot. Now, he like to do exercise more. My mom who is 43 years old. She used to be a cosmeticlism. Now, she prefer to love her healthy more. And I used to avoid meeting people. Now, I enjoy going to party a lot. My family is wild and crazy. We feel like going dancing! We enjoy going party. We love dressing up, too! And we love each other.

4) Noei (F)

Jason's nuclear family--it's just Jason, Jason's sister, Jason's father and Jason's Mother. Jason is 31 years old. He is a teacher at Chiang Mai University. He love taking his family to Thailand because He think Thai people is very friendly and outgoing and he use to be shy and reserved; now, He has become to kind and generous. Jason's sister is very honest and sincere. In this year she has 36 years. She used to be a guide; now, she is a teacher like Jason. She feel like to be a good teacher in the future. and Jason's father is 61 years old and mother is 58 years old. Their used to be neat and tidy because their are teachers but: now, their are very strong and independent. Their insist on travelling around the world when their are retire. This family is nice and friendly. I love them.

My family is a typical nuclear family -- it's just my brother, my parents, and me. My father is 50 years old and my mother is 48 years. Their are both work. Their has been teaching me about the livestyle because their very care my. Their used to be neat and tidy; now, their has become laid-back and relaxed. My brother is 25 years old, He used to be wild and crazy but now, He is very neat and tidy because He is soldier. He feel like going USA and I have 18 years old. I used to shy and reserved Now, I had come friendly and outgoing because I feel like nurse.

5) Net (M)

Jason's family has 4 persons. There is his father, his mother, his sister and Jason. In my opinion his father is 52 years old. His mother is 48 years old. His sister is 30 years old and Jason is 28 years old. They're friendly and kind. They enjoy traveling. They're into going out to new foreign restaurants. They don't mind contact with other people. Jason used to cleaning his room, now, he clean his room when is dirty. His sister used to enjoy eating food, now, she control her eating habit. His parents used to enjoy a trip, now, they enjoy traveling and take a photo.

We're a typical nuclear family. I have my sister and my parents. My father is 49 years old. My mother is 45 years old. My sister is 27 years old and me 19 years old. We're friendly, outgoing and kind. We enjoy cooking. We don't mind to help other people. We're into seeing new cinema. My parents used to blame me and my sister. Now, they try to understand.

6) Poon (F)

I think Jason's family is a nuclear family. It's just his sister, dad, mom, and Jason. His father, he is 60 years old. His mother is 57 years old, his sister is around 21 years old and about him, I think he is 26 years old. Although his family is a little family, it's very lovely. They enjoy camping together in every holiday and some weekend they will have a BBQ party. They're into watching movies at cinema, fishing, shoping and also playing a game card. But they can't stand in a messy house and a quiet party because it feel boring. When Jason stays in Jamaica he never knows Thai food, but now he really love everything which is Thai. His parents used to hate gameshows; now they insist on watching overnight. And about his sister, she used to fat; now she's very slim.

We're a nuclear family. There're my dad, mom, my sister and me. I think my parents are older. My father is 53 years old, my mother is 52 years. They're older in exceed to work. But they love working. My sister is very lovely. She is a little girl. She's 14 years old, everyone loves her, but sometimes she insist on making her decisions. And about me. I'm 18 years old. My birthday is coming soon. I'm very happy, I'm look forward to that day. We're lover. In every weekend, we insist on shopping together. And we don't mind spending money for shopping. We're avoid arguing. I used to shy when I was young, now I has become outgoing. My sister used to skinny, but now she love eating it make her become fat. And my parents used to kind, now they strict more than ever.

7) Koy (F)

Jason's family have 4 peoples -- father, mother, sister and Jason. Father is 62 years old, mother is 57 years old, sister is 36 years old and Jason is 27 years old. His father and mother enjoy going to charity with their friends, so their neighbour told to another one that they are very kind and generous. His sister is very friendly and outgoing. She love traveling with her friends to interestly place. Jason is neat and tidy. He can't stand being in a dirty place. He used to hate wearing dirty shirt. Now, He don't worry about it.

My family is a nuclear family. I have father, mother, and younger sister. My parent is very kind and funny. They don't mind giving their money to me. My sister is wild and crazy. she will annoy me, when she has a chance but I also love her because she is only one sister of me.

8) Pai (F)

Jason's nuclear family has 4 people, there are Jason, his sister and his parents. I think, even it is a small family but it is a lovely and warm family. From the picture, I think that Jason is the youngest in this family. Therefore his sister doesn't look old, she is very baby face. And his parents is propably about 45 years old. This picture was taken a photo in somewhere. So this family may be outgoing and relaxed. It is not so hard to guess that they like going out on vacation, watching TV together and enjoy going to parties on special day. From now that contrast with the past, I think Jason is as the same or have changed just a bit. But I really don't know about his sister and his parents at all.

My family has 4 members. It is just my parents, my sister and me. My parents are about 45 year old. My sister is just 17 years old. And me is 19 years old. Though my family has a little members we aren't always lonely. Because we usually have some activities to do on weekend. So we are friendly and outgoing. We are into going many things to do together on relax day, like shopping sometime and like going out some interesting places. From now on, I don't have changed very much, it just have changed my old...but my face is still baby face! And my parents don't have changed anymore. My sister is the same.

9) Phak (F)

Jason lives with 37 year olds sister, his father is 58 year olds and his mother is 56 year olds. He has a warmth and lovely family. I think his family enjoy taking photo, love traveling together and they are into going out to new restaurants. Now Jason is taller and become enjoy eating guy because of Thai food (which are delicious.) :) His sister and parents may become older but still healthy and strong

I lives with 53 year olds dad, 44 year olds mom and brother who is 13 year olds. My family is an easy family. We love watching the movies, enjoy going out and have dinner together, and also enjoy making Christmas party. I use to have long hair, now my hair has become short, my brother used to be short, but now he has become the tallest. My parents become fatter because they don't have much time to have exercises, but they still healthy!!! I'm so happy to be in this family, I love all of them and I think that my dad always be my hero.


Sniffle. I have nine more to post for you...will do that after a sweet, sweet nap.

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