Thursday, October 8, 2009

From the Mystery Files of Shelby Wu

So whenever I eat Thai food (which is whenever I eat a meal), I always bring my notepad with me and write down the words on the menu that I don't recognize, so that later I can look them up in the online Thai-English dictionary.

Today I wrote down three unfamiliar dishes. I am proud to say that I can now recognize both "Crispy pork and water mimosa vegetable on rice" and "Fried white cabbage in oyster shell sauce." However, I couldn't find a definition of the final word, which was Khow Pad เขลางค์.

Now, "khow pad" is "fried rice" and the word that follows it is the kind of fried rice. Like, "Khow pad gai" is "chicken fried rice" and "khow pad muu" is "pork fried rice." So, all I need to know is what "เขลางค์ " means and I'm golden.

But I can't find it in the dictionary. So maybe you can help me? Here's the Google Image Search results for  เขลางค์:

Files for you, Ms. Shelby Wu

So, I'm thinking that it must either be "Pink Flower Fried Rice," "Fried rice with street lamp," or "Fried Rice with Bowing Thai Woman." Though if it has anything to do with this guy, Image Result 15, I would still be extremely pleased, and actually quite honored to eat his namesake fried rice.

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