Friday, October 23, 2009

Be Your Own (Student's) Pet

So by far the most popular Facebook application among my students is something called "Friends for Sale," in which you can buy any of your Facebook friends (regardless of their participation in said Application) as your Facebook "pet."

Well, today the Jason trading began and with it came, um, questionable English (and questionable Thai, frankly).

First Char bought me for $100,000, which is standard introductory price.

Then Dew took me from him at $110,000, with the note "ซื้อ ซื้อ" or "I bought, I bought!"

Then Jaao swooped in and got me for $121,000. Her note was in English:

i bougth u !! my best english teacher !i stloe i from dew lol

It's always nice to see that I had such a positive impact on my students' English speaking skills.

The last purchase was by Char again who got me for a tick over $133,000. He then wrote:

คัมมอน เบบี๋

I was looking at this trying to figure out the Thai--phonetically, we have "Kahm-mahn beh-bii." I typed the "Kahm-mahn" part in a Thai dictionary and got absolutely no matches, and then I's English. "Come on, baby."

I will keep you updated on this, my fascinating Friday night.

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