Saturday, September 26, 2009

While I'm hollerin' at fellow Chiang Maiers

On October 3 and October 4 in Chon Buri, about an hour outside of Bangkok, the annual Chon Buri Buffalo Races will be held.

Here is the blurb:

Around the time of the full moon in the 11th lunar month, usually the first weekend in October, farmers from all over the province bring their buffalo to Chonburi City for a festival that dates back centuries. Costumed dancers move to the music of traditional Thai songs amid flags and banners. General merriment prevails as local beauties vie for the title of "Miss Farm Maiden". Judges also award prizes to the best decorated buffalo.

If you think that I am going to miss this, then you are wronger than Wrongley Wrongerson on the Fourth of Wrong-tober. Because I am going to be there. BIG TIME.

Who wants to go with me?!?!?! I am flying down on the 2nd to catch a bus that night. Probably returning the 4th or 5th.

UPDATE: There is also a prize for "healthiest buffalo."

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  1. I guess you are way too young (by 40 or 50 years) to be a farang with a young thai woman. Or am I wronger than wrongly wrongerson?