Saturday, September 5, 2009

There Are Many Ways to Say You Check Me

On Monday, my students start their in-class oral presentations, which represents a large part of their total grade. In response, several students have been emailing me requesting that I check and correct their grammar. And though there is a consensus that it is better if I check the grammar for them and send it back to them, there is no consensus on how to spell the word "check," nor what is the most polite way to ask that I do so:

1. "Please check grammar"
2. "Please check my work"
3. "Thang you verry much for your checkink"
4. "Teacher help check grammar and change new words or structure please!"
5. "Please chack my body of presentation"
6. "Please check our oral presentation...........................................Thank you very much"
7. "Plz check my oral presentation and plz send it back to me when you check already"
8. "Hi teacher please check about body for oral presentation for me thank u very much"
9. [In response to my slow my response time (more than 1 day)] "Teacher please chaek about body orl presentation for me because I send you for one time already and you don't answer me thank you for chake"
9. "Oral presentation (check it)"
10. Hi !!!

This is our complete presentation.

Would u pls check it again?

Again & Again

Thank you


i would like to see u play sketboard!!!!

Good nite Zzzzzz

..I think I better get back to oral presentation checking. Er, chackink.

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