Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Let me briefly interrupt my efforts to replace my crappier Beatles mixes with the newly released, awesome Stereo remasters to give you an update:

My efforts to metamorphose into a 70-year-old Jewish woman living in Myrtle Beach is going as smoothly as such a metamorphosis could go.

It's a(nother) beautiful day in Chiang Mai, and I'm baking in my banana skin. I'd love to go for a swim, but I can't.

Why? Because I'm a 70-year-old Jewish woman living in Myrtle Beach, and when I went swimming in the pool a week ago, I got an awful [pron: ohr-ful] ear infection that still hasn't gone away and I don't want to risk it again. So I'm not going swimming, my ears can't handle it.

Next time: pictures of me in a floral-print muumuu. Also, puppies.

My best friends in Thailand: Yankel, Estelle, and Gumpoong

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