Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pig, Shrimp, Monkey

One of my classes has an assignment where they must work in groups of three to complete a task. I have one group of three girls, very well-behaved, obedient, kind girls, but two of them are very cute and small and the other is, well, she's a little-rounder and not, uh, classically pretty.

Anyway, today they turned in a task for me to check with a word above each girl's name: Pig, Shrimp, Monkey.

When I asked them later "Why did you write 'Pig Shrimp and Monkey' above your names, one of the girls (Monkey, as it were), responded very excitedly, "BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE A PIG! SHE LOOKS LIKE A PIG!" laughing and pointing at the bigger one who, okay, has an upturned nose. Pig thought it was funny, and fought back, "Teacher, she can make her face look like the monkey!" I asked Monkey to do her Monkey-face, but she would not, and in fact interlocked her fingers and begged me to not to make her make her Monkey-face.

I considered launching into a lecture between having the option of making your face look like a monkey and always looking like a pig, but if comprehension rate was anywhere above 5% on that one we would have called it a success.

Also, the topic that all students have to give an academic presentation on is "Health," and I just realized that one of my groups is in fact not presenting about an actual, academic health diet, but on the "Cookie Diet," which is this.

I will cut them some slack if they bring me cookies.

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