Friday, September 11, 2009

A Picture from You, Gristle

You may have read over on our sister blog The Guangzhou Story about Jon's new swim "trunks," which are what I colloquially know as Jammers, having been a swimmer for the last 32 years of my life.

Well, Jon would have you believe that he doesn't look that good in them and that he is very bashful to be seen in them; and well, the second part is true, but let me tell you, I know for a fact that he looks good. In fact, I just received this picture in an Email message from Jon's Chinese friend Gristle, who snapped in while Jon was stretching out his neck muscles in the monochrome pool locker room.

100% non-Photoshopped picture of Jon wearing Jammers, AFTER THE JUMP:

Lookin' good, pardner!

[Postscript: Can you believe that Windows still comes with Microsoft Paint? This is probably the only applications in the history of the desktop that a company has made no effort whatsoever to improve over the upgrades of its OS's.

And I love them for it.]

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