Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Notes from my English Lessons with the Noodle Salesman

Every Tuesday (and some Mondays) I have conversations with a Mama Pad* salesman. You might recall that sometimes Japanese people show up. He gives me free noodles ("nood-un," in Thai) in exchange for the opportunity for him to talk endlessly about how much he hates his wife.

This time I brought my notepad. Here are the words we learned:

wua-hohmR - onion
mah-naowL - lemon
thahng kai-ya - garbage [gar-bidge] can

nak-viti-ah-sahd - scientist
Isaac Newton

[Note: Newton was hard because when he says "Newton" it sounds like he's saying "noodles" or "noo-dun." There was much confusion when he tried to ask me what Noodles discovered. But we straightened it out.]

The apple falls because of gravity

Einstein - e=mc^2

wager (way-jer)
hua - Heads
koi - Tails
jeep - To flirt
jeep gab nak rien - To flirt with my students

juud - bland
sour [like "shower"]

He gave us money

Sohd [Long vowel] - Single (as in, unmarried)
Sohd [Short vowel] - Fresh (like a fruit, ripe)

*I would like to here point out that "Mama Pad" refers to "Fried Mama noodles" and not your mother's tampons, as a Google Image Search suggests.

Mama Pad is the one on the right. Yummy yum.

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