Sunday, September 20, 2009

Most Audacious Ad Campaign for a Book Ever?

Here is an image of an advertisement from Dan Brown's new book "Lost Symbol," which I assume is a fan biography of Matthew Fox.

I love this advertisement, for a lot of reasons. First, the ambiguity of "All." Does this mean "All" as in "All within the world of the book," as in, "THIS BOOK HAS A RESOLUTION!!!" It reminds me of the ad campaign for "Devil in a Blue Dress": "THIS IS NOT A POSTMODERN DETECTIVE NOVEL"

Or is it more? Does Dan Brown's Matthew Fox bio contain the answers to all of my questions, and all of your questions, and all of the questions we don't know we have? I suppose it is possible, and you have to admit that your interest is piqued. What questions are we not asking that are answered in Dan Brown's Lost Symbol?

One thing is for certain: all of the revelations are INSIDE of the book, not outside. We know this because the word "WITHIN" is partitioned from the rest of the phrase "ALL IS REVEALED." So, if you want the answers, don't just read the book jacket. You actually have to read it.

Kind of a bummer, but for a book that has some hot shirtless pictures of Matthew Fox AND the revelation of the meaning of life etc. etc., I think I can go ahead and at least read the first few pages. A+.

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