Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Evidence of My Senior Citizenship

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode with the telethon, in which Kramer convinces Jerry to cash the birthday checks his Nana had been writing him since he was a little boy? And then it turns out that he bankrupts her, and then Uncle Leo screams at Jerry in that great vaguely-Jewish accent of his, "She's on a fixed income!"

I remember thinking how funny the idea of a "fixed income" was, how cashing a 10 dollar check would totally destroy the livelihood of this poor old woman.

Today I didn't buy a pretzel at the mall because, yo Leo, I'm on a fixed income.

I realized today that I will not be making much money in October, given that I have the first twenty days off. If I make enough money to cover my rent, we'll call it a success. If I make enough money to afford to eat, we'll call it a bonanza.

The tutoring job hunt starts tomato. Unless that lucrative modeling deal comes through soon.

BONUS: Here is a picture of the "Beautifool" pill from a couple posts ago.

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  1. you could try to be a bar girl for those 20 days