Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last Day of Class/First Day of Spring

Today was the first day of my last day of class, as one of my English 203 courses finished their Semester of Misunderstanding with the Farang Teacher.

It was raining in the morning for the first time in months, and when it was time for class to start, there were approximately 7 about 33 students. So much for the sendoff from little LuLu (or, LiewLiew, as it were).

I was informed that three of my favorite students (Pig Monkey and Shrimp) would not show up today by Fang 3. "Pig Monkey Shrimp absent" she said, coming up to my desk, "because it's raining." Note: probably not a valid excuse for missing class

About 20ish of them showed up eventually for what was billed as Final Exam Review Day but was really more of a "Talk on Your Cellphone While Farang Teacher Corrects Your Laughable Grammar" Day. And yes, I did write that on the board, next to a smiley face.

I will see them again, of course, at the final. In fact, one of the girls was kind enough to interrupt her phone conversation to ask me if I would be at the final, which was nice. There were a lot of smiles in the crowd as I winded down, and everyone bowed to me as they left. But I really had to poop all class, which was too bad.

Take us out, LuLu.

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