Friday, September 25, 2009

It ('s Going to be) A Brilliant Career

I've been sitting on this one for awhile, but I think it is time to let you in on what is probably the most exciting development of my time in Thailand so far:

I am going to be an extra in a Swiss-German movie shooting in Chiang Mai!


I found the ad on the awesome Thai Visa Classifieds page, which has always featured incoherent horse-diddle, but which this time is gonna give papa some fruit. BIG TIME

Here is the original ad.



I am a foreigner living in Chiang Mai, available to be an extra in your film if you still need any.



Thanks for your interest. I attached a synopsis for ya to read. its a swiss movie >>> love story which happen on Thai- Burma Boarder. 
Shooting  in Chiang Mai city will be on 9 OCT. til 13 Oct. and after that we are going up to MAE-WIN ( out of Chaing mai ) for Karen people
The rate is 1500 baht a day for Farang extra . The rate for Thai extra = 500 baht. ( working 12hrs.) 
please send us your age, nationality, height, photo details..

I will contact u again on when u will be work. 


(I'm not going to attach the synopsis out of respect for the privacy of the film. And I know you are thinking, "Privacy wtf?" After I get paid I will certainly attach the synopsis, which is as incomprehensible as you are imagining. If you really want to read it, email me, I will forward it to you.)


Hi Numtarn

I am 22 years old, American, 6 feet tall (1.8 meters). Do you need me to send a picture?



Yes Picture + your contact no. 


(I love how now the first letter but the last letter of his/her name is capitalized. As though he had a really horrible English teacher who got confused on capitalization/grammar day. Say what you will about my terrible accents, student privacy abuse, and hangover days, but at least my students know how to capitalize the first letter of their names.

I hope).


Here is my photo. My phone number is 0828911833.



hi Jason , 

On first day shooting > 9 oct. , we are shooting at VERANDA resort and spa hotel ( ) its a pool bar scene. Would u be comfortable wearing short at swimming pool ?  if its okie then i can confirm u working on that day. 

I copy a scene for u to read .... just in case u wanna know what u have to do in a scene. 


The sound of a fountain. A handful of small pebbles slowly trickle through Fritz’s hands.
Lena lies next to him in a bikini besides a pool, dozing and holding a book in her hands.
Now she stretches.
Was mached mer no?
(What else are we gonna do today?)
Was ├Ącht... – bade.
(What do you think… Have another dip.)

Lena gets up and goes to the luxurious pool. She wets her body. Fritz takes up Lena’s
book, flips through the pages, and puts it aside listlessly. Then he has a look around and
notices the mixed couples at the tables of the pool bar: European and American men with
young Thai women – or young Thai men.




Yes, I am comfortable wearing a swim suit. Will transportation be provided to the hotel?


(Check out this hotel, guys: Mom, Dad, are you paying attention?)


yes ...... we will provided transport to the hotel. 1 more question, would u be comfortable to be with another Thai gay extra on set (as couple ) The reason that i have to ask u first coz on the scene u might or might not have to be with a Thai gay at swimming pool. so i wanna make it clear before we book u . 



That's fine. I prefer to be with a girl on set as a couple, but I would be comfortable with a man too as long as we don't have to kiss etc.



Thankssssssssssssss >>>>> NO KISSING for sure !! however, there will be bikini girls on a scene tooo . Do u have any farang girl who can wear bikini ?  if so , can u please invite her.



So thats where we are right now. And that's kind of why I posted this. Are you a Farang girl living in Chiang Mai who is available to wear a bikini and be shouted at by a Swiss-German filmmaker from October 9 - October 11? You can make 1500 Baht (45 dollars) per day! And you can watch me "be with another Thai gay on set (as couple)!" Watch me act! Watch me squirm! Watch me try to comprehend what that phrase ("be with another Thai gay on set (as couple") means! It is sure to be a really confusing experience!

Updates to follow.

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