Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If You Got Some Thai Friends...

...they take pictures like. this. ya'll.
From left: Me, Fran Drescher, Uncle Joey's girlfriend on Full House, Jaws, and Araina

I love talking to Thai people, because they are uniformly hilarious, and these three are no exception. Their names are Beer (not a typo), Sarah, and Kwun (pron: Kwan).

[Note: "Sara" is Thai for "vowel," which means that American author Sarah Vowell's name in Thai translates to, alternatively, "Sarah Sarah," "Vowel Vowell" and "Vowel Sarah." This is grist for a party joke that has an extremely limited audience. [And maybe you are asking: How is this different from any of your other jokes? To which I say, "Good point, Counselor Nachos!"]]

Anyway, we met the Thai-fecta at a packed Monkey Club last night, where photographers and videographers were on-hand to capture a concert by someone named "Groove Rider," a hunk Thai singer. It was standing-room only; people were pressing up against the edges of the dance floor to watch him.


This video has 179,000 views on YouTube, by the way. No word on whether or not this video is supposed to be ironic or not. Or whether the "superstar" in the video is supposed to be skinny, or if they are making fun of her because she is fat but has light skin.

P.S. If you missed out on the title joke, then you missed out on a Great Moment in Irony from the 2008 Presidential Election, the Jeremiah Wright "If You Got Some White Friends" speech.

And the subsequent brilliant remix by Chuck Love:

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