Friday, September 11, 2009

I Got 90 Dog Problems But a Dog Ain't Dog

The pun broke down about three words in.
In honor of the exciting* news that Blogger now supports jumps within posts,
*Only exciting if you have a really, really boring life.

I am hereby presenting my first Jump post, which I considered entitling "Jump!" in honor of the working title of Bring It On, but settled on a vague "pun" working in both 99 Problems and the song "Dog Problems" by The Format. One of them is one of the best songs of the 2000s; the other is a song called "Dog Problems" by The Format? Which one is which? You decide.

[P.S. congratulations to Blogger by announcing the addition of Jump Posts with a Pun on "You might as well jump," which I can only assume they settled on after decided that "Finally, something that White Men Can't Do" was a little too racy].
Anyway, since I now have jumping capabilities, I am going to use them each Friday to post the pictures of dogs I have taken over the week. Look, I take lots of dog pictures. Because there are a lot of stray dogs in Chiang Mai, and also because there are a lot of really adorable dogs that are bred to be the size of bread slices, and because I'm shameless.
After the jump, former WCW wrestler Konnan presents: Dogs!

And now, WCW wrestler Konnan presents: The Dogs of Thailand!
This little guy fell asleep right outside of my class one Monday morning! Too bad I took a picture of him! Busted! Picture snapped!

My fellow Ajarns will recognize this little fellow as the English Department dog. You may be wondering why the English Department is filled with boxes; I can only assume that this is where they keep the really interesting teaching materials, which is sort of like the Glengarry leads in Glengarry Glen Ross, or like the contents of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

Here he is again. I wish I could find a woman who could stretch her legs like that! Heheheheh.

[Apparently necessary joke clarification: I don't have sex with dogs.]

I saw this mysterious pooch OUTSIDE of the English office (imagine that--dogs not being allowed in a place of work) and I snapped a quick one before he sprinted away off into the dog-verse. Shall we meet again?  Only time shall tell; time, and the river.
This dog was, in the words of East Coast rapper Wale, "D.C. chillin'!" But if only if "D.C." stands for "Dead Canine."

Nah, just kidding, he was only sleeping. Or did I take this picture just before he died? Only time can tell; time, and the river.

This fur-ball belongs to a noodle stand owner near my house. Or, he did, before I stole him and snuggled with him forever and ever and ever awwwwwwwwwwww
Well, I've had a long day, giving you the best in Chiang Mai dog photos from this week; and man, I'm so tired, my dogs are barkin' like Ellen in the 1989 Al Pacino vehicle Sea of Love. Am I right, movie fans!?!

See you next week, Esais! Viva la raza!

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