Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Bringing Trashy Back

About a month ago there was a big to-do outside of my classroom, as a student organization called TrashBack was holding some kind of registration drive. Basically there were three laptop computers, a bunch of kids shouting in Thai, and a carpet of these little notebooks, which seem to be made of recycled materials.

Well, I went over to investigate, and I was told to take a notebook. As I did so, the video camera and the photographers both went nuts and got all up in my grill, and I thought, well, great, this is going to end up on the Internet.

I came across my Trashback notebook today, and then I did a little search for the Org on the WWW, and I found their homepage, which includes a helpful YouTube video showing what the club is all about:

From the video, TrashBack appears to have three main interests:
1. Filming garbage men and then seeing if the footage syncs up to different musical genres
2. Adding sound effects to things
3. The "Speed-Up" button in iMovie.

And then I navigated to the pictures page. And I found myself. And here I am, on a typical day of work:

Towering over the Hipster locals.

So I'm guessing that TrashBack is a constructed word (isn't English wonderfully flexible) meaning "Recycle," except, unlike the word "Recycle," it is inherently coherent to non-English speakers.

If TrashBack really is about Backpacking, and not about having junk in the trunk, as I had hoped it was, then I say, Bravo, and I echo the sentiments of Ploy in the comments section of the TrashBack website:

All about project is very good for environment in your University sigh.
Change the world with your small hands.
Good vision,I like to agree.
good luck to your project.

Reduce, Reuse, Trashback, everyone.

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