Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farewell Gift (ping kham)

Okay, I need to recap the last few days because a lot of great stuff happened. And if I hadn't gotten to see my parents, this would have been the best:

On the day of the final, when all of my students were waiting outside the room while I prepared the desks and papers and whatnot, Ping poked her head in the door and called me outside. Ping, Gift, and Kham (and Fang, that hanger-on), had a farewell present for me. Aaaaand if I had just a little more sentiment in me, I would have cried, even if it was grade-baiting.

Here is what they gave me:

First, a beauty sash. Guess which prize I won?

Take that, Ajarn Rob.

The sash had a back, too.

Teacher = me. Me! They love me!

I was also officially crowned the King of English 203, Section 014. Take that, Kwang.

But the real centerpiece was a little poster they made me, which they also signed, yearbook-style, with wishes for the future.

Here it is, with close-ups of everything, including their innocent pleas for A's.

Me (center), with Pig, Monkey, and...uh...Shrimp, I guess.

I really like my shirt, by the way, and I wish I owned one like it. I'll have to ask Matt Schmitz about it.

From Kham (thx)

The adorable meter is already pushing 9.

From Gift.

Notice "Obesity like Ping/Some illness like Kham" in the bottom left. I wasn't lying.

And, finally:

From Pig 

I'm not gonna cry...not gonna cry...not gonna cry...

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