Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wishful Tinkling

This might be wishful thinking but when I walked in my room just now I thought for sure that someone was baking Pillsbury butter biscuits inside because it distinctly smelled like Pillsbury butter biscuits.

I think perhaps I am reaching the crave stage because this afternoon I had a dream about (of all things, sheesh) the chicken fingers and fries at my high school and I keep on passing this pricey restaurant on the way to school that has "Beef Stroganoff" written on the chalkboard menu and I can't help but want some home-cooked beef stroganoff. It's sad because that is something that I could cook and for not much money, too. If I had a kitchen or a pot or butter or mushrooms or noodles or anything.

Ohhh boy my Internet is acting up again. I have had about one week straight of Jamaican-fast Internet here and now today it died for about two hours. Poor me, I know.

Good news: Saturday I am getting a rice cooker and so I will constantly be cooking myself rice.

The rest of my shopping list (part of my quest to make this the most boring blog in the universe):

Laundry detergent
Toilet paper
Washing basin

What else do I need? Probably lots of things. A doctor, for one. I need an ear douching because I woke up this morning and I could barely hear out my right ear. It went away eventually but I think that is just from a small shifting of wax away from the drum and eventually there will be no more room to shift that wax like piling up toys in a closet and eventually the closet explodes and the toys fall all over the room and then you actually have to clean them up.

That is like my ear wax situation. Also I am fairly sure I stole that "metaphor" from The Simpsons episode with Sherry Bobbins.

I am hoping that classes will be cancelled tomorrow because of the announcement that Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol. Who are they going to replace her with? Do any of the Real Housewives of Atlanta need jobs? (Rhetorical question: yes, they all need jobs. Double rhetorical questions: they all need real jobs.)

Fon kgam long tok! (It's raining.) Just a little bit. By the way, when a Thai pronounces the word "little," it rhymes with "kitten." A-DOOR-able. It's raining a litt-uhn.

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