Monday, August 31, 2009

V is Very, Very / Extra-Ocean-airy

The above taken from a Thai band's performance of "L-O-V-E," in which V, despite being mispronounced, was still quite resonant.

I was all excited because last night was the final night of this musical/promotional festival in the park near my apartment building, and at 8:30 P.M. it was listed that there would be a performance by a band performing "Rock Pop Indy Music."

As it turns out, "Indy" here was like "Indies," like "India," like "Hey, Christopher Columbus, we've landed in the Indies!" And so I didn't get to hear any Thai Animal Collective (even if my students hated "My Girls" (Chiang Mai Girls?)

Actually, insert Chiang Mai Girls into the chorus for a moment and that song suddenly becomes a very sad tale of Thai girls forced to marry Westerners they hate in order to provide homes for their children.

I don't mean to seem like I care about material things, like a social status/
I just want four walls and adobe slabs/
Chiang Mai Girls


That's about all I've got right here right now. I haven't been able to download from Mediafire/Rapidshare lately, so I'm missing out on the new Twilight Sad/Volcano Choir/Times New Viking (GREAT band name) albums. Bummer.

And yes, I would pay for these albums, if paying didn't constitute spending 10 percent of my monthly spending money on one album. Sacrifices.

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