Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thai Science Day Cont. Q.E.D. abbr.

"Do you major in Physics?"
"No. I major in excellent physics."
"Yo, you surf, man?"
"No, I major in industrial chemistry."

"HAHAHA yo are you serious, nerd? You don't even have a pink-shirted woman wearing panties on her face to guard your building entrance!"
"I know."
"Does your department even strive for excellence?"
"I don't know, maybe. It isn't in the title, like yours is."
"Shah, I know, Ayatalloh, that's why I had to ask you. No one ever has to ask me whether or not my department strives for excellence in physics. Because they know, man. They know."

That is a one-hundred true not-made-up-after-I-saw-that-building-sign conversation I overheard at Chiang Mai University on Science Day (which is, by the way, Science WEEK, as the seismic thrusts of Lord Science cannot be contained within one measly day).

Here are some other things that happened to me/that I made happen:

I saw this ADORABLE girl in a Santa Claus jacket selling water.

Then I shamelessly took a picture of her.
Not pictured: Me standing paralyzed in front of her ice bucket making a puppy dog face, bottom lip quivering, until the girl started crying and I was led away by police.
Goodbye, little water salesman. I'll see you on Cute Overload.

I was asked whether this "science fair" had exhibits and cardboard and standees and whatnot.
The answer is yes.

I stood in front of this one for about thirty seconds thinking, "What are the Some theories? Who was Some? [pron. Sohm] Does So Others Might Eat have a mathematics department?"
The answers: The word is some, no one, and no.
Been in Thailand too long, guys.

Not a hedge maze, but a Hefty maze. Last I checked, Ashlee Simpson was singing as best she could in there but couldn't get out.
It's a stretch, shut up.
This is actually a recreation of a scene from the Thai movie The ShiNING, starring revered Thai actor Jack NicholSAHN.

Getting out of the maze is a SLAM DUNK!

Ingenuity: Checkers, rocks vs. blades of grass.

The Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration has seen better days.

God knows how many corpses are behind this door.


This is a 1.7 MV Tandem "Tandetron" Accelerator, for all you mongoloid Americans reading this blog.

From what I could tell, this high-powered telescope was pointed directly at the sun.

And you thought Waffle House was cheap: one waffle, 15 Baht (appr. 45 cents U.S.)
Flavors include raisin, blueberry, and shredded pork (seriously).
And despite shamelessly taking a picture of this woman's The Waffle stand, I did not buy one from her.

There was one across the street selling waffles for 10 Baht. Son of economists, ya'll.

Pictures of your mother
Taken by your father
A long time a-go

- Written by Hewlett Packard

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