Friday, August 7, 2009

So Blah

Today was my student Gift's birthday. I said that I was sorry I didn't get her a gift. No one got the joke.

Also in that class there is a student named Tum. That is pronounced "Dumb." I used to pronounce it "Tum" but then everyone would laugh at me. So now I call him Dumb. And no one laughs at that. I also found out that "Dumb" means "black." So his name is an insult in both English and Thai (it is not a good thing to be black in Thailand). He's a good boy though. Today he said that he didn't drink, and everyone thought that was very funny.

Really digging albums by Nobunny, The Smith Westerns, and Tonstartssbandht right now. Tonstartssbandht (yes, that is the band's name) has a kick-ass rethinking of the song from Bambi I posted yesterday, Little April Showers. It has been in my head for a solid week today.

Also today I confused Taew with Nooknik, which was humiliating. I think she was really offended. They do kind of look alike though. Nooknik wears glasses and has braces...but Taew is also Asian. Also I have approximately seven girls named Taew so it can get a bit muddy for a dummy like me.

I want to thank all of you who offered to send me money. And by all of you, I mean my mother. Tomorrow I am going to get a rice cooker and I am going to eat rice in my room all the time. Sometimes when I'm naked I'm sure. Surat asked me what kind of rice I like and I said rice pilaf. She had no idea what I was talking about. I guess I will not be eating rice pilaf here.

Today I found a food stand that had [meat] with bell pepper stir fried. I need to figure out how to say "add a tomato and tortilla" and then we got a stew goin. And by stew I mean fajitas.

I know that I'm about to fall asleep for a long time, but hopefully when I wake up some dinner places will still be open. I just had my fajita-esque meal but I am going to need dinner too. Especially since that bell pepper is currently heading South of the Border! Am I right?

Surat told me that most Thais do not use toilet paper. Should I become a butt hose man? I'm already a Butt Hos man, and I have previously been a butt-ho's man...but butt hose man? That would be a new one.

Got paid ya'll. Now let's find a back alley and roll some Burmese dice if you know what I'm talk talk talkin bout.

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