Friday, August 21, 2009

Shaved My Armpits

Shaved my armpits this morning. Out of boredom or necessity? Hard to say. I do sweat a lot, especially from my armpits, which are the canary in the mine shaft as it being were is to be

But I think that if I weren't cooped up here, waiting for the rain to ease up a little so that I could get some lunch, I wouldn't have shorn them so. Now I have little girl armpits. I touch the pit and it feels like my elbow skin (weenus? weanus?). We'll see if this keeps my body temperature down any. Already I can feel the coldness in my pecs. Not rly though

These are the VCDs I've bought:

The Curious Case of Benjamin ButTON
Wall E
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Gran Torino

I'm about halfway through Benjamin ButTON. The old lady's voice dub is so obnoxious--surely she is not so desperately on the edge of death in the English version as she is in the Thai. She wheezes obnoxiously with every breath and can barely get words out in the Thai. Seriously, it sounds like she vomits in between every sentence. Killing me. Softly.

With his song.

Gone til November Wyclef Jean. Remember that song? Had a video in an airport, I know. Not sure the rain will let up. Been waiting for a few hours now and my tummy's grummyling. I think I will check out the maul today. I need a large basin with which to wash clothes/bite children to death with anywhose.

Okay, I'm going to go gorge myselves. I slam a grape juice for ya out there. Rage at your age? Bad for your health.

Bohn appetit.

(Bohn = On top of. Work out the humor men.)

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