Monday, August 24, 2009

Oh, Those Kids

Just got an email from one of my students. His name is, innocuously, Bom, and he is one of the better English speakers in my classes--though not that great. He wanted to know whether or not I had received his assignment on my desk. Thank you teacher.

Why do I report this to you, dear readers?
His email address:
The name that appears in my Gmail: Big Dick

On a scale of 1 to Clarence Thomas, how inappropriate would it be to call him Dicky BadBoy from now on? Keep in mind that he is in the same class as another of my students, named Mee, whose Skype is mee001fat. Mee is, indeed, fat :(

Also, on the heels of the big basin news, I made another purchase this evening:

a rice cooker.

I am sated on rice right now.

Much, much more detail coming in the next few days, including: descriptions, anecdotes, pictures of me with my rice cooker at the beach, etc etc.

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