Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Internet Roadblocks

"Sorry, the web site you are accessing has been closed by Royal Thai Police due to inappropriateness such as pornography, gambling or contain any information which is deemed to violate national security."
I am now convinced that the Thai 'net police are simply blocking certain websites arbitrarily without any real idea of what is on them, assuming that since I am going to an English website, I must be looking at smut/engaging in the sex trade
 For example: I just got this notice (Above) when trying to access the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Atlanta Hawks (NBA) webpage. I wonder what transaction the Hawks made--did they finally sign veteran forward Demetrius Midget-Orgy to a lucrative contract? 

Okay, now I can visit it again, after simply pressing reload. Not a very effective means of policing, I would say.


  1. Will you know people in heaven? (My only association with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, thanks to you)

  2. What's for breakfast at Cosi?