Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In the Year 2000...

Hey, we (Royal) just passed 2,000 hits! The big 2000! Whoooo

And the spending spree continues: having bought my rice cooker, and spoons and two bowls with pink cartoon girls on them, I went ahead and bought a camcorder (video camera?) off Ebay. 25 dollars, plus cheap shipping from good ol' Hong Kong (shout out to my Chinaman friend)--what's the worst that could happen?

(The worst that could happen: a shady Hong Kong Internet company steals all of my money.)

It's okay, Ebay tells me he's a "Power Seller" and he has a red star next to his name. But then again, of course he has a red star next to his name, he's Chinese.

I'll keep you updated on the videocam shipping process, because I would be really, really surprised if it goes smoothly.

Speaking of which: I had a light bulb die on me over the weekend, and then after dumping some rice down the sink, I had that clog on me. Now i have to figure out how to tell this to the super. I think maybe I will just grab his shirt sleeve and pull him up to my room and then gesture wildly at the bulb and the sink and then shrug my shoulders.

There are days here when you wake up and you just wish that everyone spoke English, that the signs were in the Roman alphabet, and that all conversation could be easy, that you weren't the target of stares and constant honking from taxi and Tuk Tuk drivers assuming that you are lost and need a ride.

I had a thought I wanted to write down: will I ever be able to watch a movie in Thai without reading along with the English script off IMSDB? That is my goal for the end of April. Right now, I can't even imagine what that would be like, in any foreign language.

Soooo full off a 30 cent bag of kettle corn (maybe not kettle corn--not butter popcorn though. Certainly regular popcorn coated in sugar, maybe. But I am SOOO full. Time for beddie bye. Bye bye beddie.)

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