Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've been sleeping a lot more lately, I've noticed, which is perhaps a sign that I am actually reaching a stasis point. I guess, though, I got about six hours of sleep last night, and then took a four hour nap this afternoon after work, just in time for an 8:30 first dinner to the soulful tune of "Lovin' You" (or, as interpretted by the Thai lead singer, "Lovin' Jew"). Then second dinner with some delicious khao pad muu grawp and a little jaunt down to the bootleg video store to see if the 10 Baht Public Enemies disc was out yet. Twas not...I still haven't watch Benjamin Button or Doubt or Up yet, so I don't know why I'm so excited about Public Enemies.

Because guns are translingual.

(So are Johnny Depp and Christian Bale being crazy. Can't wait until Alice in Wonderland)

What else. Snoopy told me I got a "big haircut" and that made me laugh. In the kids' textbooks one of the pages had a dead ant Xeroxed right onto the page, which was the cause for much hilarity.

During presentations today, two comic things happened:

In one, a boy named Bush went "off-script" and started ad-libbing questions to his hapless, flustered partner, So, who giggled and slapped him on the wrist and spoke very quickly in Thai.

Then another pair's skit was your basic forune-teller scenario, which was one of the options so that the kids could practice the future tense and the future conditional. Most groups played it pretty straight, with Tarot cards, crystal balls made of tin foil, etc. But Nat and Boom (bad-ass back row boys) took it to the next level by doing the psychic thing, except the psychic's way of telling the future was to basically come really close to making out, gripping each other by the back of the neck and tilting their heads as though about to neck. The girls ate it up. I have to say it was pretty funny--shocking, at least. Reminded me very much of the Bird family from SNL, where Chris Parnell and Will Ferrell would have a normal dinner table conversation while regurgitating food into each other's mouths.

Drip drip drop little April showers...

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