Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Science Day, Scientistas

As I briefly mentioned in the preeve post, yesterday (Tuesday), my scientifically-proven crappiest day of the week, was Science Day at CMU. Over 12 million Thai elementary and middle schoolers were bused in from all over Northern Thailand, with most of them coming from Cuteville and Adorable City.

The fair (or "phair," if you are a scientist; and isn't it funny how many words in the supposedly "logical discipline" are spelled without any phonetic logic?) was divided by department, with each major's students setting up activities for the kids and food and merchandise stands to make some money for themselves. There were also several markets and stands (food and crafts) with vendors from all over Chiang Mai (and at least one from Cuteville--picture anon).

Here are some highlights, in chronological order ("chronological"--seriously, who spells the letter 'K' with a 'C' and an 'H'?):

My day started at the Department of Geology with these transvestites. I tried to think of how this was relevant to Geology, but all I could come up with was that transvestitism is earth-shatteringly irrelevant to Geology, and that's how it was relevant.
Probably why I was an English major.

If you were wondering why the ladyboys were so wet--which is something I think about all the time--it's because the activity for the kids at the Geological Irrelevance Fair was to throw a tennis ball at a balloon over a seated transvestite's head, thus soaking the transvestite. No malevolence intended of course; just lots of overt, overt, homoeroticism.

To get to the next department I had to walk through one of the crafts markets, where I ran into this sunny fellow who was making meth a glass sculptor.

Cute Tim-Burton-esque baby panda statues. 35 Baht=1 dollar.

Presumably this ice cream comes from an ancient recipe (the Amish?) and is not just be-sticked rectangular blocks of ice from ages past dyed neon. Am I right, Ray Romano from Ice Age?

You know, at some point I just started shamelessly looking for excuses to take pictures of Thai schoolchildren and their cute uniforms. Here is one such excuse: the RC car rink, which was a great source of amusement for these girl-children (sorry, I couldn't help myself).

Closer...yes, closer...

Clay figurines. I believe that sign says "15 Baht." You can do the math on that one. Or Google can. I'm not gonna Anne Sullivan you here.
(Don't bother Wikipedia'ing, it's nonsense).

Hello Kitty and Disney-print Swine Flu face masks.
This doesn't help my opinion that every looks like they're wearing panties on their faces when they strap these things on.

You better Ephraim believe that these Texas-style cowboy hats are H1N1 free, because the salesgirl is wearing some panties on her face. Don't mess with Texas, Swine Flu. The immuno-stampede is coming, and it will drag you behind its truck for personal reasons.

I thought I would include this place-marker because of the following picture...

Let the record show that I took this picture in the Department of Physics and Materials Science

Okay, now is the time on Sprockets when we eat lunch. I have about fit-teen pictures to geaux, so don't grind your axes, because after lunch I'll churn out a run of nu-media. Dig.

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