Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to Form

Avid followers of my life patterns will be pleased to learn that I have returned to high school form and slept in until 3:30 today. After an arduous 4 1/2 hours of work yesterday, 3 hours of which were spent listening to music, I deserved the sleep--and so I took a four hour nap. After an unforgettable forgotten night of palmistry, being solicited for sex by an incoherently drunk 60 year-old-man Thai man, and eating a package of rolls from 7-11 at 5 in the morning, I earned my sleep (except for a brief thirty minute respite from the bottom of the eighth inning to the end of the Braves game. Woke up for nothing, typical bum baseball team can't lift one out against an arm-dead reliever but I digress).

I want to write more about last night, especially the "palm reading" I got and my new husband the old leery Thai man, but I have a Thai lesson now. Today I am learning months and body parts; I wonder if I will learn the word for "breasts." If I do, I would imagine it has something to do with the word for "milk," as last night my waitress said that one of my friends (Becca) was very beautiful because men like "a woman with big milks," and then she gestured to the bust area.

To paraphrase the Eastside Boyz, we all like to see mig ol' bilkies.

I'll be back later with my future according to the palm lines and with the semi-surprising results from the Ironic Hipster Music Experiment, 2009 Edition. You won't believe who was in first (HINT: I was wrong.)

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